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NAPA's Top Women Advisors of 2018

In what has long been a male-dominated profession, a growing number of women are today making significant contributions to this field.

As with other NAPA Net industry lists (Top DC Wholesalers, Top Retirement Plan Advisors Under 40), we began by asking NAPA Firm Partners to nominate candidates for this recognition.

Nominees were asked to respond to a series of questions, both quantitative and qualitative, about their experience and practice. Those anonymized questionnaires were then reviewed by a blue-ribbon panel of judges who, over the course of several weeks, selected the women honored in three categories:

  • Captains: All-stars who happen to be principals, owners or team captains of their organizations.
  • All-Stars: Top producers who have their own practice.
  • Rising Stars: Top producers who have less than five years of experience with retirement plans as a Financial Advisor (some have been working with plans longer, but not as a plan advisor).

We are pleased and proud to be able to share these results with you here — but most importantly, we commend the fine and important work that these individuals have done to help provide a better retirement for those they work with and for, both now and in the years to come.


2018 Top Women Advisors Captains

All-stars who happen to be principals, owners or team captains of their organizations.

Name Firm Name
Kristi Baker CSI Advisory Services
Jessica Ballin 401k Plan Professionals
Pam Basse NFP
Cheryl Besaw Spectrum Investment Advisors
Kathleen Branconier Pensionmark/Fiduciary Retirement Advisory Group
Mary Caballero Impact Benefits & Retirement
Kerrie Casey SageView Advisory Group
Shawna Christiansen Retirement Benefits Group
Barbara Delaney SS/RBA
Dori Drayton Plante Moran Financial Advisors
Devyn Duex CAPTRUST Financial Advisors
Jessica Espinoza NFP
Janet Ganong The Kieckhefer Group
Lisa Garcia FiduciaryFirst
Mary Addie George Plan Sponsor Consultants
Lisa Gibson Morgan Stanley
Jamie Greenleaf Cafaro Greenleaf
Deana Harmon ProCourse Fiduciary Advisors, LLC
Jamie Hayes FiduciaryFirst
Jennifer Ingham Ingham Retirement Group
Eva Kalivas EPIC Retirement Services Consulting, LLC
Kristina Keck Woodruff Sawyer
Kathleen Kelly Compass Financial Partners
Julie Kim SageView Advisory Group
Nichole R. Labott SageView Advisory Group
Ellen Lander Renaissance Benefit Advisors Group, LLC
Shannon Main Pensionmark/Fiduciary Retirement Advisory Group
Debbie Matustik Pensionmark Austin
Janine Moore Peak Financial Group, LLC
Cindy Orr CBIZ Retirement Plan Services
Jennifer Pearson Clearview Advisory
Lisa Petronio Strategic Retirement Partners
Jennifer Purisima SageView Advisory Group
Karen Roberts CBIZ Retirement Plan Services
Ann-Marie Sepuka Raymond James Financial Services
Susan Shoemaker Plante Moran Financial Advisors
Heidi Sidley StoneStreet Equity, LLC
Kaci Skidgel Summit Financial Group, Inc.
Stephanie Stano Western Wealth Benefits
Lori Stevenson Compass Financial Partners
Jania Stout Fiduciary Plan Advisors
Marcy Supovitz Boulay Donnelly & Supovitz
Virginia K. Sutton Johnson & Dugan, GRP
Brenda Tarjan SageView Advisory Group
Jacinta Thompson VisionPoint Advisory Group
Mary L. Tomanek Graystone Consulting
Megan Warzinski HB Retirement
Vanessa Watkins NFP
Patricia Wenzel Merrill Lynch
Tina Wisialowski Graystone Consulting


2018 Top Women Advisors All-Stars

Top producers who have their own practice.

Name Firm Name
Pam Appell Plexus Financial Services
Beryl Ball CAPTRUST Financial Advisors
Deanna Bamford CAPTRUST Financial Advisors
Kelly Bevis Alpha Consulting Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
Patricia Bills CAPTRUST Financial Advisors
Natasha Bonelli Merrill Lynch
Julie Braun Morgan Stanley
Pamela Brooks Oswald Financial, Inc.
Gina Buchholz 401(k) Plan Professionals
Karen Casillas CAPTRUST Financial Advisors
Kelly Caves Morgan Stanley
Susan Clausen CAPTRUST Financial Advisors
Michelle Coble Odyssey Financial Group LLC
Nicole Corning Wells Fargo Advisors
Sandra Cunningham UBS Financial Services Inc.
Heather Darcy CAPTRUST Financial Advisors
Kristen Deevy Strategic Retirement Partners
Jean Duffy CAPTRUST Financial Advisors
Carmela Elco Blue Prairie Group
Francesca Federico Twelve Points Retirement Advisors
Jessica Fitzgerald Morgan Stanley
Allison Kaylor Flink NFP
Mary M. Francisco Pensionmark
Susan Hajek SageView Advisory Group
Diane S. Halverson Marsh & McLennan Agency
Emily Hing Hopkins NFP
Shelly Horwitz Pensionmark
Delphine Hunt SLW Retirement Plan Advisors
Jenny Yun Hunter Merrill Lynch
Heather Johnson SageView Advisory Group
Amber Kendrick Procyon Partners, LLC
Michele Lantz Pensionmark
Heather L. Lemon NBT Financial Services
Molly Lindert Marsh & McLennan Agency
Alicia Malcolm UBS Financial Services Inc.
Karie O'Connor LPL/HPL&S Financial Services
Kimberly Pruitt NFP
Ruth Rivera Bukaty Companies Financial Group
Jennifer San Fillippo Lakeside Wealth Management
Shelly Schaefer SageView Advisory Group
Mary Scott First Interstate Wealth Management
Courtenay Shipley Retirement Planology, Inc.
Courtney Sindelar Fiduciary Plan Advisors
Megan Smith UBS Financial Services
Virginia Taylor Taylor Financial Solutions
Pamela Watson NFP
Suzanne Weeden Spectrum Investment Advisors
Larissa Whittle SageView Advisory Group
Jenna Witherbee 401(k) Plan Professionals
Limei Yu UBS Financial Services Inc.


2018 Top Women Advisors Rising Stars

Top producers who have less than five years of experience with retirement plans as a Financial Advisor (some have been working with plans longer, but not as a Financial Advisor).

Name Firm Name
Erica Blomgren CAPTRUST Financial Advisors
Lisa Buffington Marsh & McLennan Agency
Sara Carvalho Marsh & McLennan Agency
Elaine Featherstone SHA Retirement Group
Nikki Hamblin GRP
Jennifer Hocking UBS Financial Services Inc.
Stephanie Hunt Atlanta Retirement Partners
Lauren K. Loehning Baystate Fiduciary Advisors
Liz Martinis Impact Benefits & Retirement
Lily Matias NFP
Connor Morganti Johnson Morganti
Angie Rosson Mariner Retirement Advisors
Abigail Russell CAPTRUST Financial Advisors
Annie Strout Morgan Stanley
Tricia Uttech Graystone Consulting