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An ‘Obstacles’ Course in Retirement Income Adoption

Retirement Income

There’s little argument that retirement income solutions are a need – but no real consensus that providing it is, or should be, a plan sponsor’s responsibility. Nevin (Adams) & Fred (Reish) discuss what's (still) standing in the way... 

Indeed, it’s ironic that programs (like 401(k)s) designed to provide retirement income pay so little attention to the realization of that objective. Still, some have said that this could be the year for retirement income—a combination of new offerings, volatile markets, and rising interest rates—not to mention provisions in the SECURE Act and SECURE 2.0 that foster, if not encourage adoption. And yet, it still seems that there are obstacles to overcome.

Or are there? 

The Original Column: 

6 Obstacles to Retirement Income Adoption  

The Response:

Retirement Income Adoption…It Ain’t That Hard