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ARA’s Wonder Women

Professional Development

In this feature article from the Winter issue of NAPA Net the Magazine, Nicolle Corning introduces the ARA’s new Women in Retirement Council.

It’s no secret that women are in the minority when it comes to the professionals who service this country’s retirement plans. For me, being a female financial advisor in a field where women account for only 20% of all advisors is a particular frustration. 

That’s what made it so inspiring to serve on the NAPA Leadership Council with powerhouse women like Jania Stout and Pat Wenzel, where we were able to do our part to create tools for women to enter and advance in our industry by creating and advocating for programs like the Thrive mentorship program for women and the Women in Retirement Conference (WiRC). Each of these efforts began as a kernel of an idea which grew into meaningful outlets for women in this industry to connect, empower and motivate each other.

And as I spoke with my counterparts in the leadership of ASPPA and the other ARA sister organizations, I realized that the efforts we were making in NAPA could easily be used as a template those organizations without them having to reinvent the wheel. While the WiRC conference was having success in fostering relationship building and professional growth for the women in ASPPA and NAPA, it was starting to feel like a once-a-year conference was not enough to capitalize on the ideas birthed there. 

Read the full article here.