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Broadridge Rebrands Retirement Offerings Under Unified Name

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Global fintech leader Broadridge Financial Solutions announced that it is bringing its retirement and workplace services together under one unified brand name.

Now called Broadridge Retirement and Workplace, the new name combines Matrix Financial Solutions and Fi360 Solutions under a single brand, allowing clients to align effectively with products and services that enhance their offerings.

Broadridge first expanded its fintech workplace solutions for the industry in 2011 when it acquired Matrix Financial Solutions, followed by acquiring certain trust assets from Wilmington Trust, the retirement plan assets of TD Ameritrade Trust Company, and Fi360’s fiduciary-focused software, education, business intelligence and analytics.

According to the firm’s announcement, Broadridge has structured its retirement and workplace solutions into three main capabilities: growth acceleration, risk management and operational efficiencies. This unified solution can help clients scale their businesses, leverage technologies, better manage risk, and accelerate topline growth. The annual Broadridge Fi360 Solutions Conference is also being renamed the Broadridge 360 Advisor Summit to complement the new branding.

"Unifying under one name reflects the highly integrated way we’ve been delivering best-in-class solutions across retirement and wealth management from compliance tools, training, mutual fund trading and trust services, to data and insights,” said Cindy Dash, General Manager and SVP of Broadridge Retirement and Workplace. “This natural progression of grouping under the Broadridge master brand will make it easier to communicate the many ways clients can leverage our capabilities going forward.”

Broadridge Retirement and Workplace currently serves over 30,000 advisors, over 12,000 Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) designees and over 500 financial services providers of all sizes across recordkeepers, third-party administrators, broker-dealers, registered investment advisors, banks and trust companies.