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Do You Have FOMO?

If so, there’s a good reason.

Just prior to the Nashville 401(k) Summit I wrote a short post about the importance of attending the conference and why my strong feelings were primarily attributable to my experience with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I recounted how past decisions to attend certain events or conferences over the last 40 years were watershed moments that changed my career based upon what I learned, who I met or what I got exposed to.

Well, may I now propose to you that FOMO should factor into your thought process relative to the upcoming NAPA Nonqualified Plan Advisor Conference and bootcamp in Chicago September 23-25.

One look at the conference agenda and you see the industry support you can’t help being intrigued and motivated! Plus, I have read the curriculum that will be taught in the bootcamp if you stay the extra day and I can assure you, it is powerful information written specifically for advisors to arm them with immediate and actionable knowledge.

What might you miss out on? Well, let’s see, are you interested in:

  • Tapping into an untapped market that in many ways resembles the fragmented 401(k) marketplaces 15 years ago?

  • Enhancing your skill set to bring more value and new ideas to your existing clients or position you to land new and even bigger clients?

  • Adding significant new bottom line revenue to your practice without adding additional overhead?

  • Creating an entrée to the wealth management needs of the C Suite and highest paid key employees of any business you touch?

  • Meeting virtually all the players in the NQ space in one convenient setting?

There is always great value to being first to market with any new skill set, product or service. Let your FOMO motivate you to register for this can’t miss conference and consider staying the extra day to be one of the very first to earn the NAPA Nonqualified Plan Advisor Program certificate of completion.

Jeff Acheson is NAPA’s 2018-2019 President.