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Guess Who’s Speaking at the NAPA DC Fly-In Forum?

The 2018 mid-term elections aren’t far away — and the keynote speaker at the NAPA DC Fly-In Forum will help approved delegates understand what it might bring.

We’re talking about CNN Chief National Correspondent John King, anchor of “Inside Politics,” a 30-minute Sunday morning program featuring a panel of the top-tier political correspondents.

King’s past campaign experience includes moderating three presidential primary debates in 2012. This past election was the third cycle in which King’s reporting included use of CNN's “Magic Wall,” which was first introduced in 2008 and was also integral part of the network’s Emmy award-winning 2012 election night coverage.

King, an award-winning journalist who has covered the past seven presidential elections and reported from all 50 states and more than 70 countries, also anchors “Inside Politics” segments weekday mornings on CNN's “New Day” program

King joined CNN in May 1997 and became chief national correspondent in April 2005. He served as CNN’s senior White House correspondent from 1999 to 2005, where his duties included reporting on the Iraq war and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Before joining CNN, King was an Associated Press correspondent for 12 years. His AP duties included several major international events, including the Persian Gulf War, and serving as lead political correspondent for the 1992 and 1996 presidential elections.

King is just one of the compelling speakers that delegates to the NAPA DC Fly-In Forum will have an opportunity to hear and interact with at the 2018 NAPA DC Fly-In Forum!

[caption id="attachment_81444" align="alignright" width="640"]John King, CNN's Chief National Correspondent John King, CNN's Chief National Correspondent[/caption]

Now in its sixth year, the NAPA DC Fly-In Forum is a convergence of the nation’s elite advisors in Washington, DC for the purpose of engaging with key federal policy makers and advocating for legislative and regulatory policy that affects the industry.

On July 23-25, you’ll not only have the opportunity to be part of a special GAC meeting, but to participate in a unique gathering of the nation’s leading retirement plan advisors.

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