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LeafHouse to Help Integrate ESG Investments into Retirement Plans

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In response to growing interest in Environmental, Social and Governance impact investing, LeafHouse Financial has created a proprietary system and process that results in the ability to integrate ESG investments into retirement plans. 

Called the LeafHouse Investment Sustainability System, the firm uses a combination of the LeafHouse GPA® and qualitative investment process to screen and construct a socially responsible, ESG solution for retirement plan sponsors, allowing participants to gain exposure to a selection of sustainable funds through their working years and retirement.

As one of the first national third-party investment fiduciaries to embrace the opportunity for plan sponsors to request a predominantly if not all sustainable investment lineup, the firm says that it believes participants can invest in a socially responsible manner, without giving up performance. 

“Our firm sees the trajectory of ESG investing rising, and believes the time is right to offer investment oversight to retirement plans,” says LeafHouse President Todd Kading.