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The QKA Is All New in 2020!

Professional Development

The new ASPPA Qualified 401(k) Administrator (QKA)™ credential is set to launch. The in-depth program has been redesigned to teach current 401(k) industry best practices and is mobile-ready. 

The new program — which officially launches Jan. 8, 2020 — is flexible and interactive, and offers case studies that make the information easy to understand, retain and apply on the job. Earn the QKA credential to develop and demonstrate your mastery of 401(k) administration. Or be a trailblazer and bring this state-of-the-art training to your team! 

Either way, you’ll stand out from the competition, and position yourself to pursue more responsible and ambitious roles. You’ll also prove your commitment to ensuring all Americans enjoy a safe and secure retirement.

The rigorous education program is comprised of 18 courses, divided into two packages: (1) Plan Management, and (2) Testing and Compliance. Each package includes a practice test and a proctored final exam. 

QKA’s new tagline, “work smarter,” reflects ASPPA’s approach to education — providing the practical tools you need to do your job better. 

Unveiled at the ASPPA Annual in October, the revamped program received rave reviews from beta testers. “I finished my first QKA course yesterday,” said Lorinda Gettel, learning and development specialist at The Standard. “I thought it was fantastic! I took the Eligibility course, and the visual representations of the more complicated concepts were particularly helpful … kick-starting my memory of the details around the topic.” 

Mayling Diaz, Plan Administrator, Implementation Manager at EJReynolds, Inc., admitted: “I have been in the business for 10 years and have been afraid of taking the QKA exams because of the daunting study guides. I do not study well that way. But these new online courses make it so much easier — and alleviate my anxiety about taking the exams. (I hate to fail.) The practical examples helped me understand the material and make me feel confident I can, in fact, take and pass the exams.”

Pre-order Now! 

The QKA packages are available for preorder! Once the program launches on Jan. 8, 2020, the courses will be available. Practice tests will be added in February 2020, and online final exams will be opened for enrollment in March 2020.

Learn more about the QKA credential—and preorder yours —at