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READER RADAR: Which NAPA 401(k) Summit Workshop(s) Will Be Most Crowded — Part III?

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We’re now just over 30 days away from the 2023 NAPA 401(k) Summit — and as strong as the entire conference lineup is, some might say we’ve saved the best for “last.” Here’s what readers said.

We’ve already heard from a number of you that the pick between one session and another is going to be… tough. That said, and as we begin making room assignments, we were looking for input. 

We gave you an opportunity to weigh in on two different workshop session slots (and 18 workshops) over the past couple of weeks.

Ah — but then we get to the final day of the Summit — closing with a return performance of “Family Feud” (aggregators vs. wirehouses/independents) — but before we get to that….

As one reader commented (looking back on the overall agenda): “tough choice between SECURE 3.0 & ‘After’ Map: Congratulations! You Won the Plan. I've onboarded 60 plans in 2 years, so this is important to me to see what I can improve on! But, I really want to hear Shlomo, but will wait until SECURE 3.0 really becomes a thing.... Also, tough choice Tuesday morning between Reason ‘Able’: How to Develop/Determine a Reasonable Fee for your Services and Shy ‘Stir’: Why You Shouldn't Shy Away from Sales or Fighting Stigmas — Sales Don't Have to be Slimy. My CPA firm partner bosses would like me to attend the reasonable fee session, but I don't want to miss the ‘All-Stars’ you have in the  Shy ‘Stir’ segment.”

So, it looks like this final section of workshops will be (yet another) close call — not surprising, since YOU helped us build the agenda. But as for the specific Tuesday morning sessions, here’s what readers said:

Tuesday – 9:15 am – 10:05 am

39% - Reason “Able”: How to Develop/Determine a Reasonable Fee for Your Services. How do you charge for your services? Do you have a standard fee schedule, or do you individually underwrite each engagement? Do you charge differently for plan level only services versus working directly with plan participants? How does all of this change in a virtual or hybrid world? Learn from other advisors in our industry how they approach pricing in our fast-changing industry and world.

22% - Hybrid “Vehicle”: Cash Balance Plans: The Best of Both “Worlds.” Cash balance plans are hardly new, but they offer a unique combination of some of the best features of a traditional defined benefit pension plan with those of a defined contribution/401(k) plan — providing a solution that can maximize the benefits to small business owners well beyond what’s provided by the traditional 401(k). You’ll want to find out how — and this expert panel will show you how.

21% - Shy “Stir”: Why You Shouldn’t Shy Away from Sales or Fighting Stigmas — Sales Don’t Have to Be Slimy. You’ve been taught that salespeople are slimy and it’s a stigma you’ve long fought to avoid. We’re here to share that selling is a good thing, something you should embrace, and how to appropriately build a great book of business.

19% - Target “Practices”: The QDIA Evolution and Its Impact on Your Practice(s). As the retirement industry continues to evolve, QDIA design remains a key area of ongoing development. Dynamic managed account options continue to proliferate across administrative platforms, offering the potential of greater levels of portfolio personalization. At the same time, more traditional target date investments are continuing to evolve as hybrid active/passive investment structures, the inclusion of alternative investment classes, and embedded retirement income options become more common. We’ll blend empirical feedback from some of the leading retirement firms in the industry with the direct insights from a panel of expert retirement advisors to help determine how to align this increased QDIA optionality with client needs and preferences.

That said, don’t forget the big close with Family Feud — not to mention our other general sessions throughout the Summit:


  • Hill to the Summit — Brian Graff (and a special guest)
  • Never Fly Solo: How to Lead with Courage and Build a Culture of Trust — Waldo Waldman, Hall of Fame Speaker, Executive Coach, and National Bestselling Author


  • Advising the Generations in the New Age of Uncertainty — Cam Marston, Intergenerational Expert, Author and Consultant
  • Plan Sponsor Confidential Panel


  • Family Feud: Aggregators vs. Wirehouses/Independents

Check it all out at

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See you in San Diego (April 2-4)!