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Summit, Sun, and SECURE 2.0: NAPA Event Kicks Off Sunday

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ESG, Biden’s veto, a possible public takeover of private plans, and a little thing called SECURE 2.0 makes for a PACKED agenda at the NAPA 401(k) Summit in San Diego this weekend.

The anticipation is even more exciting given the record number of industry professionals who have registered, with almost 1,200 advisors and 2,500 attendees overall on their way to Southern California, the most in the history of the annual event.

Beginning Sunday with American Retirement Association CEO Brian Graff’s popular “From the Summit to the Hill” keynote presentation, he promised to spit “fire and brimstone” from the stage as he explains the latest D.C. developments and their implications for advisors.  

Managed account, total rewards, financial wellness, and TPA workshops then breakout, featuring high profile personalities and advisors like Grant Arends, Jennifer Doss, Lisa Buffington, Erin Hall, Courtenay Shipley, Tina Wilson, Greg Ward, Justin Bonestroo, Shannon Edwards, Amanda Iverson and Mary Patch, among others.

A high-energy, interactive keynote closes out the education and inspiration portion of the day with Waldo Waldman, a Hall of Fame speaker, executive coach, and national bestselling author. Waldman will share tools to overcome obstacles, break performance barriers, and take charge of change during adverse times.

It all flows into a county fair-themed Summit After Dark full of drinks, dance, food, and fun with the Royal Machines, everyone’s favorite NAPA house band.

Pick from any of the 10 sponsored breakfast sessions Monday morning before attending Cam Marston’s general session, “Advising the Generations in the New Age of Uncertainty.” The next generation of financial services clients has arrived. They will not tolerate being treated the same way their parents were treated. So what do they want, and how do advisors deliver? Marston answers this critical question and more.

Famed behavioral economist Shlomo Benartzi will then tackle SECURE 3.0 (not a typo) and what it should (must) contain. Fiduciary litigation, onboarding, and DEI workshops featuring Jeffrey Cullen, Marina Edwards, Renee Scherzer, Devyn Duex, Jay Washington, Daniel Aronowitz, Thomas Clark, Jason Chepenik, Kathleen Kelly, Jonathan Young, and a lot of others also happen.

Afternoon sessions feature the highly anticipated “Nevin & Fred – Live and In-Person,” protected retirement solutions with Barbara Delaney and Bonnie Treichel, a small-market session with Mike Griffin, Fred Makonnen, David Musto, and Aaron Schumm, presentation tips from Sheri Fitts, and pension de-risking strategies with Joe DeNoyier and Mike Devlin.

Monday night’s Summit After Dark will happen at NOVA SD, downtown San Diego’s newest entertainment hotspot, with great music, a gorgeous rooftop, all your favorite NAPA Nation citizens, and plenty of libations and snacks all night long.

It’s a “can’t miss” event. A comfortable seat is required to sleep on the plane ride home before implementing all that’s learned. Forget about FOMO—be there.