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Vast Majority of Full-time Workers Have Access to a Retirement Plan

The DC system in general, and 401(k) plans specifically, are under attack in various ways and from various directions. But what everyone seems to be ignoring is that the participant-directed retirement system, which is the envy of a world still heavily dependent on DB and government-funded plans, is actually working well — largely due to the hard work of industry professionals like plan advisors.

For example, did you know that 78% of full-time workers, which 401(k) plans are designed to cover, have access to a retirement plan? Amazing when you think about it, given the relatively brief existence of 401(k) plans.

This information comes from an “infographic” (see below) produced by the American Society for Pension Professionals and Actuaries. Along with a wide range of other content — including videos, articles, and even an online video game — a series of ASPPA infographics like this one will be featured on, a new website set to launch Nov. 12. The launch of the website will kick off a concerted effort by ASPPA and NAPA to protect the tax-deferred status of 401(k) plans as the debate over tax reform heats up on Capitol Hill.

Click here to download a pdf of this infographic.