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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution(s)?

This week marks not only the end of 2018, but the beginning of a new year. So, in this week’s NAPA Net Reader Poll, it’s your chance to weigh in on New Year’s resolutions past and present.

There are any number of surveys about New Year’s resolutions. A recent one says that (only) about a quarter (26%) of people say that they plan to make New Year’s Resolutions for 2019, though Americans between 18 and 34 years old (33%) are more likely than 35-54-year-olds (30%) and 55+ Americans (17%) to say they plan on making resolutions.

As for the specific resolutions people are making, the most popular one is “exercise more,” with 59%. Other popular resolutions include “eat healthier” (54%), “save money” (51%), “lose weight” (48%) and “reduce stress” (38%). On that latter point, women (46%) were far more likely than men (31%) to say reducing stress is one of their resolutions.

Looking back, the YouGov Omnibus survey found that about one-third (31%) of Americans who made New Year’s Resolutions last year say they didn't stick to any of their resolutions, though a plurality (38%) say they stuck to "some" of their resolutions. Over half of Americans (54%) say they didn't make a 2018 resolution in the first place.

On this last day (and last NAPA Net Reader Poll) of 2018, you can weigh in (and I hope you will) at