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Top Women Advisors: All-Stars 2020

Top producers who have their own practice.

First Name Last Name Firm
Taria Agbelusi CAPTRUST
Therese Anderson Plan Sponsor Consultants
Elizabeth Angelone Merrill Lynch
Deanna Bamford CAPTRUST
Natasha Bonelli Merrill Lynch
Julie Braun Morgan Stanley
Karen Casillas CAPTRUST
Tina Alexander Chambers SageView Advisory Group
Heather Darcy CAPTRUST
Kristen Deevy Pensionmark
Dori Drayton CAPTRUST
Carmela Elco Cerity Partners
Jessica Espinoza NFP
Jeanne Fisher Strategic Retirement Partners, LLC
Jessica Fitzgerald Morgan Stanley
Allison Kaylor Flink NFP
Renee Fourcade UBS Financial Services
Lisa Garcia SageView Advisory Group
Addie George Plan Sponsor Consultants 
Lisa Gibson Morgan Stanley
Erin Hall Strategic Retirement Partners, LLC
Paula Hendrickson NFP
Cynthia Hodges Achieve Retirement
Emily Hopkins NFP
Jenny Yun Hunter Merrill Lynch
Julie Kim SageView Advisory Group
Michele Lantz Pensionmark
Molly Lindert Marsh McLennan Agency
Alicia Malcolm UBS Financial Services
Lily Matias NFP
Rebecca McCormick Graystone Consulting
Mary Patch IFP
Kim Pruitt NFP
Tina Schackman Benefit Financial Services Group
Mary Scott First Interstate Wealth Management
Ambler Selway FRS Advisors
Ann-Marie Sepuka Strategic Retirement Partners, LLC
Jill Shea NFP
Susan Shoemaker CAPTRUST
Courtney Sindelar Fiduciary Plan Advisors
Peggy Slaughter Saling Simms Associates
Megan Smith UBS Financial Services
Martha Spano UBS Financial Services
Courtney Stroope Lockton Investment Advisors, LLC
Suzanne Weeden Spectrum Investment Advisors
Larissa Whittle SageView Advisory Group
Tina Wisialowski Morgan Stanley
Rachel Zachary SageView Advisor Group