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What Are the Top International Funds in DC Plans?

Mining the audited 5500 reports of the largest DC plans (accounting for about 80% of assets), BrightScope recently released its list of the top 20 international stock funds. International funds have become a favorite in DC plans looking for diversification, with funds tending to have less correlation with domestic equities.

The top four funds are (as in the recent past) American Funds, Fidelity, Dodge & Cox and Vanguard. Among the rest of the top 20, new funds dominate, however, including choices from Thornburg, BlackRock, Templeton, Principal and Morgan Stanley. Here’s the complete list:

1. American Funds EuroPacific Growth
2. Fidelity Diversified International
3. Dodge & Cox International Stock
4. Vanguard International Growth
5. Vanguard Total International Stock Index
6. Harbor International
7. Thornburg International Value
8. BlackRock EAFE Equity Index Fund
9. Northern Trust EAFE Index
10. Fidelity International Discovery
11. Fidelity Spartan International Index
12. Vanguard Developed Markets Index
13. Templeton Foreign
14. Janus Overseas
15. Aberdeen Select International Equity
16. Artisan International
17. Principal Diversified International
18. Wells Fargo International Equity Index
19. Vanguard International Value
20. Morgan Stanley Institutional International Equity