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Ted Godbout

By Ted Godbout | 5/1/2019
Is the financial services industry at an inflection point? According to new research, the next five years will see a fundamental shift in the way financial institutions create and deliver consumer products and services.  With the economy shifting away from owning and buying to renting and using,... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/30/2019
While much of the attention within the environmental, social and governance (ESG) sector of investing has been on the environmental component, a new study finds that social and governance issues are just as important if not more so.  Allianz Life’s “ESG Investor Sentiment Study” finds there is... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/29/2019
Congress returns this week from its two-week spring break, with plans to consider bipartisan retirement security legislation to make it easier for businesses to offer retirement plans and for individuals to save for retirement.   House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) reportedly announced in a “... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/28/2019
Creating a plan for retirement can lead to a greater sense of confidence and control, but a new study suggests that a surprising percentage of the general population hasn’t even considered doing so. In fact, while many say they’ve “thought about it,” only 18% of respondents have created a... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/26/2019
It’s easy to assume that if everyone did their part individually, a team would function smoothly and efficiently, but group dynamics, synergy and demographics all can either contribute or detract from an investment committee’s effectiveness. A new white paper from investment advisory firm Arnerich... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/25/2019
As financial advisors navigate an increasingly digital, low-cost and fee-transparent landscape, increasingly they are being tasked with redefining the client experience to capture and retain assets, according to new research.  To remain competitive, not only must advisors’ definition of advice... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/24/2019
The percentages of workers and retirees who are confident in their ability to live comfortably in retirement now reflect levels measured prior to the 2008 financial crisis, but some underlying concerns persist.  Those findings are contained in the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s 2019... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/24/2019
Employers are seeking to assist workers with student loan debt for purposes ranging from altruistic to improving their bottom line, according to a new EBRI Issue Brief. In “How Employers are Tackling Student Loan Debt: Evidence from the EBRI Employer Financial Wellbeing Survey,” better employee... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/22/2019
While there’s some good news in the Trustees report for the nation’s retirement security system, there’s also some not-so-good news. First, the good news. The combined asset reserves of the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and Disability Insurance (OASI and DI) Trust Funds are projected to become... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/19/2019
As plan auto-features become widely accepted, plan sponsors are increasingly turning their attention to retirement income strategies, according to a new survey  of large and mid-size 401(k) consultants and advisors.  Nearly two-thirds of respondents believe plan sponsors want to continue serving... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/19/2019
The pressure to live a secure retirement has led to some counterintuitive views about just what will help workers get themselves there.  While 66% of American workers are still planning to supplement their personal savings with income from Social Security, 42% also don’t believe Social Security... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/19/2019
As a way to overcome lifetime retirement income shortfalls, Nobel Prize winning economist Richard Thaler recently described an idea to allow people to take a portion of their 401(k) benefits to purchase more Social Security benefits.  Thaler, currently the Charles R. Walgreen Distinguished Service... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/18/2019
Robert J. Jackson, Jr. is planning to leave his post as a Securities and Exchange Commissioner later this year to return to academia, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.  Jackson, whose terms expires in June 2019, reportedly is expected to rejoin the New York University Law School... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/17/2019
After enduring persistent stock market volatility throughout 2018 and the beginning of 2019, Americans seem to have adapted to this "new normal," a new study reveals.  Given the ongoing volatility, Americans remain cautiously optimistic, with one-third of respondents saying they are comfortable... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/16/2019
The Garden State has formally proposed a new uniform fiduciary standard – and there’s some good news for 401(k) plan advisors.  Issued April 15 by New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal and the state’s Bureau of Securities, the proposed rule would establish by regulation a common law fiduciary... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/16/2019
Workers have positive visions of retirement, looking forward to an active phase in life, but across the three generations currently in the workforce, they share the same top fear, according to a recent study.  In “What Is ‘Retirement’? Three Generations Prepare for Older Age” by the Transamerica... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/15/2019
Despite the market’s first quarter rebound, see-sawing stock prices prompted 401(k) investors to continue favoring fixed income funds over equities, according to the Alight Solutions 401(k) Index. The firm’s March 2019 observations show that nearly 90% of the days in the quarter saw net trading... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/12/2019
Compared to five years ago, social media has evolved into a critical tool for business development and client service among financial advisors.  According to the 6th edition of the Putnam Investments Social Advisor Study, 92% of advisors who use social media for business say it has helped them... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/12/2019
Leaders of some of the nation’s largest advisory firms acknowledge that they face mounting challenges in identifying the right talent, expanding their talent pools and implementing initiatives that help drive diversity, according to a new poll.  For the third year in a row, hiring and developing... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 4/11/2019
Do you consider yourself too old for social media, or not experienced with it? Do you think it doesn’t apply to your business? Social media thought leader Spencer X. Smith suggests that you should suspend that disposition, because, as he contends, digital marketing has the power to grow your... READ MORE