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Regulatory Agencies

BY Fred Barstein | 8/3/2015
Perhaps lost in the discussion about the DOL’s proposed fiduciary rule’s effect on IRAs is the fact that everyone seems to have conceded that, in the future, advisors working on DC plans will be... Read More
BY John Iekel | 8/3/2015
Beginning Oct. 1, it’s back to the 20th century for anyone who used to ask a question of the IRS Employee Plans Office. The IRS announced on July 31 that as of that date, that office will no longer... Read More
BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 7/28/2015
Among the more than 800 comment letters filed on the Labor Department’s fiduciary proposal is one from a fellow federal agency that claims that it fails to adequately estimate the cost or the number... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 7/27/2015
Taking a cue from the boss, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez has said that the DOL will issue guidance to help facilitate state-based retirement plans. Perez made his remarks on the DOL blog. As... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 6/24/2015
The public comments that the Department of Labor is receiving on its proposed fiduciary rule already are having an effect, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez said at June 23 Brookings Institution forum in... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 6/16/2015
The Department of Labor’s Employee Benefit Security Administration (EBSA) announced June 16 that it will hold public hearings on its fiduciary proposal on Aug. 10, 11 and 12 — and 13, if necessary.... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 5/26/2015
Last week President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate a number of individuals to key administration posts, including the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC).Assuming the Senate... Read More
BY Michael Bushnell | 5/21/2015
The Securities and Exchange Commission announced May 20 a set of proposed rules implementing new reporting and disclosure standards for financial advisors and investment companies. Among other things... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 5/16/2015
The Department of Labor has announced a brief extension of the comment period on its fiduciary reproposal — and set a date for a public hearing.The comment period for what the DOL calls the Conflict... Read More
BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 5/14/2015
President Obama's term in office may be coming to an end, but his administration still has an “upside-down” eye on retirement reforms — and not just the fiduciary reproposal.Speaking on Capitol Hill... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 5/4/2015
It’s Small Business Week, and the IRS has issued a reminder about a special penalty relief program for certain required retirement plan returns — and it could be useful for your plan... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 4/24/2015
The Department of Labor will not extend the 75-day comment period for its conflict-of-interest rule, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez said April 23.Asked about his response to requests by industry groups... Read More
BY Andrew Remo | 3/26/2015
The Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Labor are both working on fiduciary issues — but their different approaches appear to be on different schedules.Earlier this week it was... Read More
BY Ray Harmon | 3/19/2015
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Mary Jo White confirmed March 17 that the Commission will “implement a uniform fiduciary duty for broker-dealers and investment advisors where the... Read More
BY Andrew Remo | 3/19/2015
Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez used his first appearances before the 114th Congress this week to deliver a full-throated defense of the DOL’s controversial effort to expand the fiduciary... Read More
BY Fred Barstein | 3/18/2015
Advisors are now clearly in the crosshairs of Employee Benefit Security Administration (EBSA) enforcement personnel, according to the Groom Law Group. A recent article by the Washington, DC-... Read More
BY John Iekel | 1/26/2015
Call it a conspiracy or coincidence, but it seems that the SEC, FINRA, the DOL and the White House are all singing from the same hymnal: eliminate potential conflicts of interests by brokers when... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 1/12/2015
A regulation that would allow for a “window” period for giving out the annual notice required in most 401(k) plans appears to be heading for a spring 2015 publication date — and... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 12/23/2014
U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez has announced the appointment of five new members to the 2015 Advisory Council on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans — also known as the ERISA... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 12/1/2014
Just ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, industry headlines proclaimed that the long-awaited fiduciary regulation reproposal was likely to be published in January. But that “call” may have... Read More
BY Ray Harmon | 11/21/2014
When President Obama named Loretta Lynch as his nominee to replace U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, speculation about Secretary of Labor Tom Perez being tapped for the role was put to rest, while... Read More
BY Ronald J. Triche | 11/20/2014
The NAPA Government Affairs Committee submitted a comment letter Nov. 19 to the Department of Labor regarding the use of self-directed brokerage (SDB) windows and accounts in ERISA-covered... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 11/20/2014
The SEC has issued its 2014 Agency Financial Report, in which it outlines the actions it undertook in 2014 and its goals for 2015. Investment News notes that the report is vague about whether the SEC... Read More
BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 11/19/2014
Five members of the Senate Finance Committee are asking Treasury Secretary Jack Lew for some retirement plan relief. The letter — signed by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-Ore... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 11/13/2014
The Internal Revenue Service is reminding low- and moderate-income workers — as well as the advisors who work with them — about an opportunity to earn a special tax credit while they save... Read More