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Managing a Practice

BY Fred Barstein | 8/10/2015
While discussing one of his new ideas, a fellow entrepreneur asked me recently, “What is the biggest problem in the retirement industry?” I answered, “Every part of the industry has its own unique... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 6/15/2015
While different households handle their finances in different ways, there is a pattern associated with whether a member of the household participates in a defined contribution plan.According to... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 6/12/2015
Reuters is reporting that the buyers for Russell Investments are down to three, including a large U.S. benefits consulting firm.Citing “people familiar with the matter,” Reuters said that Towers... Read More
BY Jon Vogler | 6/11/2015
A U.S. Supreme Court decision earlier this month appears to strengthen the independence of the “duty to monitor” investment requirements for an ERISA plan.While the Supreme Court remanded specifics... Read More
BY Fred Barstein | 6/10/2015
Plan advisors, especially those who see themselves as the vanguard of the industry, pride themselves on keeping up with the latest trends, bringing innovative solutions to their clients and prospects... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 6/8/2015
In 2005, seven companies bought financial software provider SunGard. Fast forward 10 years: on June 3, SunGard filed a Form S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission to go public. The filing... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 6/8/2015
GRP Advisor Alliance (GRPAA) announced June 9 that it will provide Financial Finesse’s financial wellness program to member firms of Global Retirement Partners, LLC.The partnership will provide GRP... Read More
BY Fred Barstein | 6/5/2015
Yet another national record keeper is reported to be up for sale. Citing unnamed sources, Bloomberg Business reported June 3 that Bank of Montreal (BMO) is planning to sell its U.S. Retirement... Read More
BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 6/3/2015
A new research paper investigates whether mutual fund families acting as service providers in 401(k) plans display favoritism toward their own affiliated funds.The title of the paper — “It Pays to... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 6/2/2015
A new survey claims that early retirees are more likely to seek advice from financial professionals when making a major financial decision, and to get help from financial professionals for retirement... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 6/2/2015
Transamerica Retirement Solutions announced a new workplace retirement plan program with Merrill Lynch on June 2 that will expand its options for not-for-profit organizations. Merrill Lynch is also... Read More
BY Fred Barstein | 6/1/2015
With the demise of DB plans and Gen Xers and Millennials not expecting Social Security to be around when they retire, younger Americans are increasingly viewing their DC accounts as their primary —... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 5/29/2015
In what was described as a case of the “fox guarding the henhouse,” the SEC has announced fraud charges against a man who allegedly abused his position as compliance director to cover up an... Read More
BY Michael Bushnell | 5/29/2015
A new survey has reinforced the idea that many Americans aspire to be strong savers for retirement, but an even larger number fail to put that plan in writing. In addition, even those who save... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 5/29/2015
An industry survey finds that 401(k) participation and balances are at record highs — while participant trading is at record lows. Coincidence?According to Aon Hewitt's analysis of 138 DC plans... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 5/26/2015
Roughly one-in-four workers are missing out on at least some of their employer match — but those south of the Mason-Dixon Line were more likely to than most, according to a new report. The share of... Read More
BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 5/22/2015
What do you think the retirement industry of the future will be like? Will the future be as bleak as some predict? Or are those fears overblown?Regardless of your perspective, this week NAPA Net... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 5/22/2015
Thornburg Investment Management announced May 26 that its QDIA Blue Book fund evaluation service is now available to advisors. This newest addition to Thornburg’s library of advisor resources will... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 5/19/2015
A new survey finds that more than half of respondents say their main driver to begin working with a financial advisor was to plan smartly for retirement.However, only half (51%) strongly agree that... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 5/18/2015
A new study suggests that participants are increasingly aware of distributor brands, rather than the investment brands that underlie those offerings.Last year, only two-thirds of Americans knew the... Read More
BY Jeff Hemker | 5/15/2015
Have you noticed a manic feeling on Monday mornings when your inbox is packed with new email, but you’re in a hurry to get to work? So you scan through this deluge quickly, routinely deleting the... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 5/12/2015
In the wake of the departure of co-founding partner Henry Yoshida, Maresh Yoshida 401k Group is adopting a new name: InTrust Fiduciary Group.“InTrust is an archaic spelling of entrust, which means ‘... Read More
BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 5/7/2015
Apparently the poorer and younger you are, the more likely you are to be interested in a QLAC. But if you have a retirement plan of any kind, not so much.In a presentation at the International... Read More
BY Michael Bushnell | 5/7/2015
A new study reports that Americans are more committed than ever to save money for their retirement, and with Millennials and Gen Xers expressing record levels of concern about the future of Social... Read More
BY John Iekel | 5/7/2015
Cyber attacks, and the threat they pose to financial advisory firms and their clients, prompted the recent release by the SEC’s Division of Investment Management of some steps that can protect... Read More