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NAPA Advisor Allies - 2023

NAPA’s 2023 100 Top DC Wholesalers — the “Advisor Allies” — were based on voting by thousands of registered NAPA Net users and NAPA members from a pool of nominees submitted by NAPA Firm Partners. To learn more about the nomination and selection process, click here.

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Announcing: The Top 10 RK  and DC  Advisor Allies!


First Name Last Name Category Company Top 10
Jeffrey Abelli DCIO Amundi US  
Christopher Athens DCIO BlackRock  
Chad Azara RK PCS Retirement  
Matt Bartch DCIO BlackRock  
Dennis Beaudet RK John Hancock Retirement  
Jeff Beneteau RK CUNA Mutual  
Jarrett Berry RK John Hancock Retirement  
Chris Bilello DCIO Amundi US  
Josh Binford DCIO Invesco  
Keith Blackmon DCIO T. Rowe Price
Marcie Blanco DCIO Neuberger Berman  
Katelyn Boone DCIO Fidelity  
Blake Burkett RK John Hancock Retirement  
Brett Burkhalter DCIO RJ Investment Management  
Travis Campbell RK Fidelity
Jerry Cicalese RK Sentinel Group  
Jon Clark RK PCS Retirement  
Andy Cunningham DCIO MassMutual Investments  
Tim Curran RK Lincoln Financial Group
Jesse Daniels DCIO American Century Investments  
Matt DeMarco DCIO PIMCO  
Jenny Dodson RK Principal  
Christopher Donnager DCIO MFS Investments  
Ryan Fay DCIO John Hancock Investments
Matt Fessler RK Lincoln Financial Group
Travis Fossati RK The Standard  
Matt Foster DCIO Franklin Templeton  
Eric Fox RK The Standard  
Daniel Fratalia RK John Hancock Retirement  
Brett Gallinger RK Transamerica  
Patrick Gano RK PCS Retirement  
Brody Geist RK The Standard  
Michele Giangrande DCIO T. Rowe Price  
Gary Giffen RK Transamerica  
Jerry Giovinazzo RK John Hancock Retirement  
Glenn Godin DCIO American Century Investments  
John Gonsior RK Fidelity  
Liam Grubb DCIO Franklin Templeton
Greg Handrahan DCIO AllianceBernstein  
Scott Hankard RK Amertias  
Tim Harkleroad DCIO Amundi US  
Brandon Helms DCIO Columbia Threadneedle Investments  
Bryson Hopkins RK Lincoln Financial Group  
Lisa Hultquist DCIO Invesco
Adam Johnson RK John Hancock Retirement  
Joshua Jones RK Fidelity  
Matt Kasa DCIO Nuveen
Mark Kirchner RK Transamerica  
Gress Lawson RK Principal  
Ben Leger DCIO Fidelity
Jack Levis RK Fidelity  
Jerry Lopez RK John Hancock Retirement  
Greg Lucchesi RK Transamerica  
Aylmer Magill DCIO John Hancock Investments  
Eric Magyar DCIO Janus Henderson Investments
Hayden Main RK John Hancock Retirement  
Todd Mann DCIO AllianceBernstein  
Seth Marsters RK The Standard
Todd Matlack DCIO Invesco  
Kevin McDevitt RK AmericanTCS  
Kevin McDonough RK Principal
Jeff Meltzer DCIO Hartford Funds  
Rich Merson DCIO PIMCO  
Eric Milano DCIO T. Rowe Price
Kevin Morgan DCIO J.P. Morgan  
Jennifer Mulrooney DCIO American Century Investments
Mark Needham RK John Hancock Retirement  
Yen Nguyen RK Ascensus  
Tom O'Connell DCIO Allspring Global Investments  
Dan O'Shea DCIO Columbia Threadneedle Investments
Bryan Persak RK Principal  
Stewart Rauchman RK Lincoln Financial Group
Dave Sandstead RK Principal  
Chris Schutz RK Transamerica
Greg Seaver DCIO Hartford Funds  
Donny Sheinwald RK Lincoln Financial Group  
Craig Shrack RK The Standard  
Chris Sleggs DCIO PIMCO  
Jay Slusher DCIO PIMCO  
Jonah Smith RK John Hancock Retirement  
Alison Smith RK Principal  
Andrew Spahr DCIO Fidelity  
Mike Sperduto RK The Standard  
Derrick Stancick DCIO Hartford Funds  
Anthony Summers RK Lincoln Financial Group  
Shane Tatum RK Fidelity  
Edward Thurmond RK John Hancock Retirement  
Andy Tyndall DCIO MFS Investments  
John Uricchio DCIO Victory Capital  
Matt Vanaman DCIO PIMCO
Scott Ward RK John Hancock Retirement
Lindsay Warrington DCIO John Hancock Investments  
Brad Weber RK The Standard  
Tim White DCIO T. Rowe Price  
Tina White DCIO Franklin Templeton  
Jessica Wilson DCIO Franklin Templeton  
Jim Wojciak DCIO Federated Hermes  
Chris Wolfe RK The Standard  
Jason Yepko RK John Hancock Retirement
Dan Zibaitis RK John Hancock Retirement